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Congrats NaNoWriMo-ers!

Just wanted to take a minute to say a huge congratulations to those who reached their goals during NaNoWriMo!  Whether you reached 50,000 or your own personal goal that you set, we are proud of you! 

Special thanks to the team of writers who signed up to write and inspire each other.  

The sky is the limit from here - take your words and use them to the best of their potential!
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Season's Greetings/Vacation

Happy holidays to you from the Twilight Counsel.  We are taking the month of December off to spend time with our family and loved ones.  Hope that you all have a lovely month and we'll see you again in January!

In the meanwhile, if you find yourself with a few extra minutes, feel free to peruse some of our older posts/articles.  :)

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For the Win and Twilight Counsel information

November's For the Win shines our spotlight on fandom members who have placed in contests! This is a place to show off all those fantastic banners you've won and the stories that took the top honors.

The banners are linked to the stories that won and underneath each, you can find a link to the contest.

Detochkina and Rags 88 got Judge's Choice in the Beyond the Pale contest.

Mehek18 got an Honorable Mention in the Fandom People Awards.

HoochieMomma took Runner-Up Judges' Choice in the Love Actually Contest.

Domysticated and Evilgiraffe82 won the public vote in the Love Actually Contest.

Domysticated won 2nd place and Judges' Choice in the Filthy Roseward Anon Contest.

Are you a recent contest winner?  Share your win here and the next post will be at the end of December.
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Music and Writing - Get Your Groove Back With nicnicd

Music and Writing: Twilight Counsel's BittenBee interviews nicnicd, author of Operation: Merry Christmas, An Unexpected Site, Finding Hope, co-author of On The Inside of Love, and many more. Her music collection comes in handy during her writing projects and beta work.

Bee: Welcome and thanks for spending some time here to talk about music! I hear you have an extensive collection you listen to.

Nic: I do. There are a little over 15,000 songs in my iTunes folder, so I have music for just about any occasion or mood. I might be a little obsessed...

Listening to the right music can be a crucial factor while writing. Everybody needs to set the mood for themselves. Would you say music influences your work much more than simply setting a mood?

Absolutely. I make playlists in advance for each character, and then I pick and choose what songs go best for whatever scene I'm writing or editing. Sometimes I like the lyrics, and what they mean, and other times I just need the sound for mood.

I think music can definitely help out. When I'm stuck, or I don't like where something is going, I go back to my playlists. The songs I've picked are there for a reason, and they've gotten me out of some tough spots before. On the other hand, sometimes a song just doesn't work and it might be the problem. Music should enhance, not deter.

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30 Days of Emmett

30 Days of Emmett is in full swing!  Have you check out the first five one-shots/drabbles that have been posted?

There's something for everyone!  Participation was open to all and 75 authors/teams signed up to give love to the big guy who has stolen our hearts.  Whether it be AU, AH, missing canon moments, non-canon couplings, slash, there's a little bit of everything and you'll be able to find it all in one central location!  New stories will be added every day until Dec 20th.

Swing by and check it out.  If you're participating and want to give a little teaser here, we would not be opposed.  ;)

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One of these things is not like the others...

Wait, which version of Twilight did you read?

I think it's fair to say that most of us have, indeed, read the same version of Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.  So the question becomes; how can anyone write a story where Edward doesn’t end up with Bella?

I’m realizing now that I might as well have asked; why do we prefer some things more than others?  Just like food, we all have our preferences on flavor, texture and even smell, and apparently the same applies to what we read.

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What do you prefer to read or to write?  If you're a fan of the non-canon coupling or of secondary characters, what story drew you into that way of thinking?  Share with us in the comments! 
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For the Win!

We've decided to shine our spotlight fandom members who have placed in contests!  This is a place to show off all those fantastic banners you've won and the stories that took the top honors.

The banners are linked to the stories that won and underneath each, you can find a link to the contest.

Alby Mangroves won the Judge's Choice Dazzle Award in the Beautiful Edward Challenge.

Alby Mangroves won the Voter's Choice Hottest Award in the Beautiful Edward Challenge.

mostly a lurker took third place in the All Hallows Eve Anonymous O/S Contest

mostly a lurker got an honorable mention from judge KhariZZmatiK in the A Picture Says It All Anonymous O/S Contest

mostly a lurker was a runner up in the Carlisle, Bella and the Banana Challenge

Are you a recent contest winner?  Share your win here!  Next post will be at the end of November!
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Tick tock, tick tock - November is almost here!   National Novel Writing Month (aka NanoWriMo) kicks off on Monday the First....are you ready?

There are a ton of great resources out there to help you out so you don't feel like you are flying solo.  The Counsel has created a support group on Google where writers can shout out for word challenges, look for a pep talk, or even ask a quick question or find a subject matter expert. Just sign up for the Counsel support group we’ll add you to the google group so you can immediately access the forum function and get started.  My Vamp Fiction will also be hosting Monday night word challenges if you need a quick boost of inspiration too!

Most importantly - we wanted to say good luck and we are here for moral support if you need us!  50k words in one month is may feel daunting, but if you break it down, that’s just a little over 1,600 words a day, or 11,000 words a week.  Take it one day at a time, and know that there are people are here if you need us!
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Debunking the Myth - 30 Days of Emmett


No one would be surprised to hear accio_bourbon ,   regina_falange (aka theheartoflife) and hmonster4  love a good Emmett.  But they have an issue -  like that commercial where the guy reaches the end of the internet, it seems they've maxed out most of the stories on FF (which, to be honest, isn't a whole lot).  

There is so much potential for the big guy, and they are confident that there are some writers out there who might be kicking around ideas, but lack the forum or motivation to dig in.  That's why they are kicking off Debunking the Myth - 30 Days of Emmett - a 30 day challenge of drabbles and one shots that will run 11/15 to 12/15.

Not a contest - 30 Days of Emmett will exist similar to multi chaptered story on  Each day, a new one shot or drabble will be posted - the authors will run the gamut, and there are only a few hard and fast rules:
- Em must be the main character or part of the main pairing
- No cliches - that means dumb jocks and oafs need not apply.
- All entries MUST be beta'd.  If you don't have one, let us know, we'll see how we can help.

You read right - pairings are open, genres and universes too.  AH, AU, Canon, Angst, Drama, Comedy - it's all wide open to explore.

What do you think, are you up to the challenge? If so, sign up here and name your poison - a one shot, a drabble (or maybe both!?!) they'll be in touch re days open and to answer any questions you might have.

Come on peeps, bring out your Em - let the big guy free!
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Always better when we're together - mac214 and bellaflan

Collaboration can be a tricky thing. Writing alone is easy - your own ideas, your own words, your own rules. But collaborations can lead to some pretty exciting things. Some of our favorite stories are the result of writing partnerships that worked -
Paper CutOuts by twistedcoincidence and astilbe13, Viola Cornuta’s collaborations with winterstale and goldenmeadow, and Philadelphic, Feisty Y. Beden, and NelsonsMandela’s masterpiece, I Wanna Eff You Like a Masochistic Lion.

We’ve also heard horror stories about the collaborative writing process. Crazy writing partners who hijack plots and go off the reservation. Inflexible collaborators who refuse to move outside formulaic bullshit. Partners with incompatible writing styles.

When the two of us decided to write together for Sweet Tooth, we were confident it would work.

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